I love teams


Am I the right person for you?

Independent consultant, focus on organization and team development. That's me, and of the sort there are many. Therefore, it should be clear at the following points for you, if you and I fit together!

What I’m good at and really enjoy: Teams first!

I work a lot with groups and teams - leadership teams, departments, large groups, or even project teams - with two main focuses:

1. Consulting & Facilitating

Often teams are involved in major change processes, even more in the digital era: structures or roles change, the strategy needs to be adapted, or tasks of the team are turned upside down.

My contribution: method and process consulting

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My job is

  • to choose a good course of action that contributes to the team value creation.

  • to develop a process with the team that leaves enough room for adaption.

  • to harness the natural hierarchies of a group. And sorry: the idea of flat hierarchies is Bu ** sh ** - it does not exist!

My technical-methodical focus:

  • Self-Organization & Agile Approaches (e.g. Lean, Scrum, Holacracy): Work at eye level

  • Strategy: Being competitive in the digital era

  • Innovation: What can we (still) do, whatever the world needs

  • Change Management & Business Transformation: How do we deal smartly with open-ended processes?

2. Team-Coaching

Often teams have internal issues: open or covert conflicts or disagreement over the rules of the game. The video clip about the company values won’t help in that case: it’s about being open and honest with each other, and it’s about diving beyond the surface to discover the conflict’s roots.

My contribution: Developing the team

team neu.png
  • First I let myself be commissioned by all involved - that is duty, no free skate.

  • When I am on board, I open a safe space in which the team talks about stumbling blocks of cooperation.

  • I am usually the one who appeals to the pink elephant in the room.

Typical topics:

  • Teambuilding & role understanding (e.g. for new teams, interdisciplinary teams, project teams)

  • Team Performance Coaching & Work Organization

  • Conflict Management & Communication

  • Decision-making processes and team responsibility


2. What I’m not good at - and what I don’t enjoy:

Ms. Koch, you are probably too expensive for our project management office - and in love with Excel too little.
— An honest potential customer
Ms. Koch, for classic strategy consulting we take McKinsey or BCG. Since we need (not yet) any psychologists!
— A foresighted customer
Ms. Koch, you are not really convinced by assessment centers. We will do that with one of your colleagues.
— A potential client of my partners
Ms. Koch, you are very enthusiastic about diversity. The seminar for women in leadership positions would rather be done by someone else.
— An honest customer
Ms. Koch, we are looking for someone who is on-site with us every day and does our work (with us). There you are probably not the right one.
— A potential customer with lots of money
Ms. Koch, let’s go to the coffee corner now, when your last coffee is already 90 minutes ago.
— A customer that knows what I need for work



I clarify with you without any rush whether I am the right one for your challenge. We might check in personally or by phone / Skype / FaceTime.